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It’s with great pleasure that I welcome you to my New Age Music blog. I have been running around lately remixing my song River of Life and finishing 2 new music videos. I’ve also put together all the new material to propose you more stuff on Marcome.com. I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy! I would love to hear from you! Make sure you go around Marcome.com to see the new music videos, listen to the River of Life Remixes and hear the great interview I gave to Karl Stober from Jazzreview.com. There’s also new photos, wallpapers, presskits for you to download. Thanks for your encouragement and please, leave me your comments! I’ll be back soon. Take care, you deserve the best! Marcomé

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Thanks for your comments. Marcomé


9 Responses to “Welcome to my Ambient New Age Music Blog”
  1. Sunra says:

    Hi, I heard on Sirius satellite radio’s Spa channel “River of Love by Marcome”, I really liked it but I can’t find the music anywhere. Has it been released yet or is it on an old album I may have missed?

  2. Carlo says:

    Hi Marcomè, I discover your beautiful voice whith your album Seven Seas. Thanks a lot for the emotions that you give to my heart and soul. You follow me (in my iPod) every day and when I need to breath peacefull I listen your voice and become to fly. I embrace you.

    P.S.: sorry for my bad english :-)

    • marcome says:

      Grazie Mille! for your kindness and wonderful comment.
      May the weekend energize you in some ways! Love, wisdom and blessings your way!
      You can write in Italian next time, I’ll translate. Went to Italy and loved it. I will go back!

      • Carlo says:

        Good Sunday, Marcomè. I feel from your music, words and look that you’re a special person; your prompt reply to my msg confirm the attention that you’ve for the beautiful think that life give us. I know that you undesrtand what I mean when I say that emotions is the fuel for everyone on earth. I’m like the shining boy with pearcing eyes that found a home in your land. The land of everyone on earth, where we can find ourself. For many years I dress a mask in order to be what other people wants to receive the love that I need; but this was the wrong way. Later I understand that if we want that others discover us, it’s necessary to meet ourself in the deep, and we can’t dress mask with ourself. We can’t give nothing that we’ve not. We can give love only if we’ve love for ourself. I’ll follow your blog waiting your return in my beautiful country with the hope to cross your eyes during the live show. In the meantime, next august I’ll be in Vancouver with my Mom to visit my uncle and haunt. Have a nice day, have a nice life. Thanks to be how you’re. Thanks to be Marcomè.


        • marcome says:

          Wow Carlo! your message fills me with joy! There is a great wisdom in your comment. We cannot give what we haven’t found in ourselves. Becoming united with ourselves is a necessary path. You read my mind!I’m grateful to cross your path, you inspire my day and I will carry this nice thought in my heart! Merci! Amitiés du Québec, Marcomé xxx

  3. Eric says:

    Hi, Marcome~I like your voice and your passion and inspiration~
    just drop by to say hi and hang on!

    I’ve been thinking to write something about you and your music~~

    keep in touch~



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