Become your best lover!

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You’re the first person you wake up with every morning and the last you go to bed with everyday and for the rest of your life… You have great advantages in treating yourself the best you can! Be the love you need, nurture it! Marcomé ♡

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2 Responses to “Become your best lover!”
  1. john serpa says:


    Yes, it must all come from within. You also need to love yourself before you can be a great lover to someone else. Being a great lover encompasses much more then physical expression, it’s an attitude that says “I want to do what I can to help this person become the best he or she can ever be.”

    True love seeks the best for the other person, no matter what the sacrifice. There is no 50/50 paradigm, no balancing the scales, it’s an attitude of self-sacrifice that yields a superb dividend—a soulmate.


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