Embracing the Spirit of the Holiday Season

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In partnership with Consious Inspired Living, Marcomé is glad to offer her music! Tell us what your favorite Marcomé song is & why for a chance to win an mp3 album of your choice!

To listen, please go to Seven Seas and River of Soul. Than put your vote in the comments below! Winners will be announced January 5th, 2011!

The Making of Marcomé’s Twitter Me Some Love Song and Music Video

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-11I really started using Twitter in 2009, and it has changed my life. I met kindred spirits I never imagined possible. I’ve never been able to talk about such a wide variety of subjects and share my feelings and ideas about music all at the same place! I enjoy the direct and immediate contact and feedback that I have with my followers and fans.

If you would have told me that my best friends at work would be from all over the world years ago, I would have said, “How”? Now I know…. Twitter!250twitter

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Marcomé’s Twitter Song & Music Video coming soon!

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Marcome's Twitter Music Video

Marcome's Twitter Music Video

I’m so excited! For the last months, I have been working on a very special project about the miracle of Twitter featuring my friend Bruno Pelletier on vocals & Marc Langis on bass. What makes it very special is the gorgeous animated 3D music video created by Veloce Animation in Montreal.

Thanks to Reg Saddler (@zaibatsu on Twitter) who gave me the idea, I created this new pop song about love, sharing & traveling the world on Twitter. As some of you already know, I love twitter! I’m inspired every day not only as music artist & singer but as a human being! Tks to all of you, kindred spirits wanting a better now and a pleasant tomorrow!

Be one of the first to know about this new release! Register to my Fan Club here.

Marcomé ♥

Twitter Magic

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Marcome100If you love Twitter the way I do, you may not even remember life before the social networking phenomenon! How did you used to connect with people all over the world?

Could you imagine forging friendships in Seattle, London, Tokyo & Australia at the same time?  Who knew that I would do so in 2009?

I think of life as being infused with “Twitter Magic.”  I’ve been able to connect with friends and fans on a much more personal, direct way than ever before!  My relationships have taken on a deeper quality, no matter how many miles separate the two of us.  You might as well be sitting in my living room!

Forging magical bonds (image from pranav on Flickr)

Forging magical bonds (image from pranav on Flickr)

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Space music deep meditation

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You’ve probably heard of chill music, ambient music, and world music.  But what about space music?  The term isn’t as “out there,” as you might believe!  In fact, it is quickly becoming recognized as a sub-genre of new age music. Here are some music artists I really enjoy to do my daily meditation or sometimes to fall asleep in a dreamy state. I discovered some of them in films!

Even though space music is more often described as a feeling, or a mood evoked from listening, perhaps its not surprising to hear that its often played at planetariums and in film soundtracks. marcome-seven-seas-new-age-music

As described on Wikipedia:

“Space music ranges from simple to complex sonic textures, often (though not exclusively) lacking conventional melodic, rhythmic, or vocal components, typically evoking a “continuum of spatial imagery and emotion”,beneficial introspection, attentiveness for deep listening, subtle trance effects called “spacey”, (defined by the Compact Oxford Dictionary as “drifting and ethereal”) and psychoacoustic spatial perceptions, particularly, sensations of flying, floating, cruising, gliding, or hovering.”

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