Humanity Healing: Why I’m a Celebrity Ambassador

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Humanity Healing International

Want to feel like you can make a difference in the world?  Do you have a desire to help create a better life for children in refugee camps in Uganda?  Then please join me in my newest role, as celebrity ambassador for Humanity Healing!

No act of compassion, no matter where in the world it occurs, is ever wasted.  When we help another, we help ourselves.

For me, its about integrity.  I firmly believe that, by giving back, we achieve greater fortune.  And I’m not talking about earthly riches.  The sheer pleasure of reaching out and lifting up another human being is something money cannot buy.

Let me tell you a bit about Humanity Healing International’s efforts to improve the lives of children in northern Uganda.

The region has been impacted by the devastating effects of 22 years of war.  More than 1.7 million people were forced to flee their homes for the safety of refugee camps.  Although a peace treaty has been signed, 30-40% of the impacted population still live in the camps.  After so many years of terror and disease, the vast majority of those left behind are orphaned children.  Victims of the AIDS epidemic and at risk from preventable diseases like malaria.

Did you know that the average age in Uganda is just 14 years old?  Even more sad is the fact that many young boys had been forced to be child-soldiers after abduction by Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army.  Young girls were sold as prostitutes.  Today, they are languishing in camps – unable to return home because they lack the resources and knowledge to rebuild a proper life.

Young boys at a northern Uganda refugee camp (image from dailymail)

You may be surprised to learn that the small sum of $5 will feed, clothe and help educate a child in the Ugandan refugee camps for an entire month!  The same amount can be used to purchase a much-needed mosquito net to prevent the spread of malaria.  For $15, you can provide medicine to save the life of a child that has contracted malaria.  And for just over $1 a day ($35/month), your donation can completely support an orphaned child – with food, clothing, medical care and the opportunity to attend one of Humanity Healing’s sponsored schools.

Innocent lives impacted by the terror of war and disease (image from Getty Images)

It very easy to donate through Humanity Healing International (HHI) and I encourage you to do so, not only to help feed a family but your soul, as well!  Your contributions can be made directly to HHI causes, through Network for Good, or Global Giving. The quickest way and my favorite, is through Google Checkout for Charity directly on youtube, fast and totally reliable. Click here.

I am so proud to lend my voice – both vocal and written – to this important cause:

Current Humanity Healing International initiatives in Uganda include:

1.  Educational Empowerment: Providing schools with resources to effectively handle and teach the huge influx of orphaned children so that they can reach their full potential in life.

2.  Women and Family Empowerment:  In a land where many women are widowed and left to raise small children on their own, these programs can provide vocational training to lift them out of poverty.

3. Prison Initiatives: These programs address human rights issues and the re-integration of former inmates back into society.

4. Internally Displaced Persons Empowerment, Resettlement and Rehabilitation Initiative: Perhaps the most important goal of HHI – to re-settle the displaced populations and to weave together the fabric of a strong community for the future.

Please join me in helping the important causes of Humanity Healing.  How will you make a difference today?

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8 Responses to “Humanity Healing: Why I’m a Celebrity Ambassador”
  1. deZengo says:

    My entire post was deleted – as it refreshed and relocated me to another page to post. I did not copy it to the clip board (as the inner voice instructed, so it was lost).

    I don’t have time to retype the entire message, but the jest was we thank you for your love & support! Humanity Healing and OM Times Media have truly enabled the “little guy/gals” to get our message – music – art out to our global soul family.

    Thank you for sharing & collaborating with us. Look forward to working with you or on front cover again!

    Love : Light : Endless Joyful Musical Adventures,

    deZengo, Health & Wellness Editor – OM Times Magazine ||

  2. deZengo says:

    Stumbled into your neck of the cyber woods and wanted to thank you here as well for the support & love you give Humanity Healing. I have never had the opportunity to work with a more dedicated / soulful group of conscious change makers! I loved working on your front cover – and hope we will see you again soon. We’ve came a long way since then – and I would love the opportunity to give something back to you!

    Much Love : Light : Endless Joyful Adventures!
    deZengo, Health & Wellness Editor – OM Times Magazine

  3. 莲华草(6DPax) says:

    You are the one to heal & unite the world.

  4. EnviroDoug says:

    Thank you for be-ing ❤ you are beauty-filled~

  5. Bless your heart, Marcomé! It is a great privilege to be working with you to both raise awareness and bring real Hope & help to the Lost Generation of Uganda. Your support, and the support of your friends, makes a real difference in the lives of these children.

    Much Metta,
    Christopher Buck
    Humanity Healing International


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