Our Life’s Purpose: An opportunity for self-growth

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Our relationships are opportunities for self-growth…

It took me some time to realize and accept that my relationships with others are a good mirror. Be them easy or harder, those relations bring me back to my inner world of comfort but of discomfort as well. When a relation with someone confronts me, I surely have something to learn. If taken as an opportunity for self-growth, those possible road blocks can evlove me. So as much as I can, I take my relationships with others like teachings from God.New age music blog of Marcomé

Take good care of yourself! Marcomé ♥

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6 Responses to “Our Life’s Purpose: An opportunity for self-growth”
  1. Richard Retzer says:

    To have good friends, you have to be a good friend.

  2. Dani says:

    Quantum! What the Bleep do we know was the most amazing and spiritual experience for me, and I got it. We are all one, individual, different and unique and yet the same. A very good friend of mine once said, “everyone is your friend”. There is always something to learn about ourselves through others, the mirror, whether we like what we see or not. It’s how we grow, learn who we are and who we’re strive to be! You’re a light sweet Marcome. Thank you for being who you are. :-)
    xx Dani~

    • marcome says:

      Thanks very much Sweet Dani. Like you are saying, we are all one. I believe we all come from the light and all have it, it’s just obscured by collective and personal fears. To flow in life and realize that we were somehow meant to be happy is the greatest gift our awareness can bring us! Love your way Dear Dani!

  3. Terrence says:

    There’s a reason why we pick our friends. In each and everyone of them there’s a little piece of ourselves. Funny that most people even stick to those they say they don’t like. In that same way you can’t depart from a part in yourself you’re not to keen about. Yin and Yang and all that…;-)


    • marcome says:

      Very philosophical dear Terrence but so right. I guess if you start from the point of view that we are all somehow cosmically connected, we are others, we are one. That’s one well explained theory in What the Bleep do we know!? We are like you say Yin, Yang, complementary, we need each other to evolve..How would we know about happiness if we had not suffered?
      Thanks for dropping by and making us think! Marcomé

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