Marcomé’s New Age Music iMix 1

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Get lost in time and space with my favorite relaxing New Age Music on iTunes

Marcomé's New Age Music iMix 1

Click image to preview Marcomé's New Age Music iMix 1

Here is a selection of new age artists and female vocalists I like a lot to get lost in time…and space! This is the first New Age Music iMix I will propose you and I chose Itunes because I’m a Mac girl! I use this New Age Music mix to read, give a massage or get one! I also like to day dream while watching the sky…it’s a soundtrack to my life in some ways. Over the years,  some of those artists such as Vangelis, Steve Roach and Patrick O’hearn have been like mentors to me in the creation of my own music. I’m grateful to those fabulous music teachers! I sure hope you’ll find something to soothe your soul ! Marcomé

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Click here to get your free relaxing mp3 music songs by new age artist Marcomé ♥ ♥ ♥

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To see music videos of Marcome visit my youtube channel.

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14 Responses to “Marcomé’s New Age Music iMix 1”
  1. when i am relaxing, i would love to just hear some instrumental music instead of regualr music *,,

  2. KittenHugs says:

    the best thing about instrumental music is that they are very relaxing ;”:

  3. Tyler Clarke says:

    i always listen to instrumental music whenever i want to relax.”`*

  4. instrumental music is very soothing and relaxing.`’;

  5. Timo Kanerva says:

    Wonderful, wonderful, Marcomè !!!!

  6. Listening right now… great list!

  7. Marvin Turpin says:

    Hi Marcome, Lovely Music. I’m also glad you are a Mac person. @mdturpin.

    • marcome says:

      Tks Marvin! I love Macs for I do not have to do maintenance for years when I change my computer. I’m at ease with the platform that I find visually attractive and modern. My first computer was the very 1st Mac and so far so good! May the angels of wisdom and creativity be with you! Amitiés, Marcomé xx

  8. Mysticle says:

    This is a wonderful, relaxing mix. Thank you for sharing. Look forward to listening.

    (¸.•´ ~ Peace (¸ .•´¯`•.¸¸.
    ¸.♥´). . . ~ Prosperity

    ~ Mysticle ~

    • marcome says:

      Sweet Mysticle,
      Thanks very much for bringing your uplifting smile in my life! May this new week bring us challenges that will make us evolve and learn! Peace to you Lady, Marcomé xx

  9. My New age Instrumental Music and ambient art of sound..


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  2. […] name is pronounced Marko-may. She is good friends with @zaibatsu. Here is a sampling of some of her new age music to relax […]

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