Marcomé’s New Age Music Female artists iMix 3

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Soothe your Soul with some of my favorite relaxing New Age Music Female Artists on iTunes

Marcomé's New Age Music Female Artists iMix 3

Click image to listen to Marcomé's New Age Music Female Artists iMix 3

A selection of new age music female artists and vocalists I’ve enjoyed over time. This is the 3rd New Age Music iMix and I chose Itunes because I’m a Mac girl! I use this New Age Music mix to read, work, take a walk or to accompany an intimate dinner. You’ll find artists such as Sheila Chandra, Seay, Delerium, Clannad, Enya to name a few. They all have exquisite voices and their music is rich in diverse cultural influences. Music makes us travel! I like the power of voices and like Bjork is saying so wonderfuly: “Singing is a way of honoring Oxygen” Let’s breathe, relax…& listen! Marcomé

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To see the relaxing music videos of Marcome please visit youtube channel.

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