The healing power of music

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” Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” -Red Auerbach

You hardly need a news report to tell you about the healing power of music.  Many studies over the years have confirmed our own personal experiences:  music can positively affect our moods.  Like purposely turning your mouth into a smile, you can immediately feel happier, more inspired and even relaxed when you listen to your favorite songs.

Any music will do, but doctors and healing professionals often recommend ambient music therapy for therapeutic purposes.  Can you just imagine getting this advice?  “Listen to these two CDs, and then call me in the morning!

Discover the relaxing music of singer Marcome

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Enjoy the Best New Age Music

December 24, 2009 by  
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What comes to mind when you consider New Age artists?  Let me tell you that its probably not what you might have heard 10-20 years ago!  These days, “new age” can include several other music genres that are exciting, inspiring and make you want to dance!   Ambient music, world music, alternative music and much more, are often mistakenly grouped together, even though they all have a unique sound.  Type in any one of the phrases into Google, and you’ll likely find all of these sounds.

With New Age radio stations and music online, it is easy and convenient to enjoy the best New Age music…. even if you might call it something other than New Age!

A New Age is Dawning (image from fdecomite on Flickr)

A New Age is Dawning (image from fdecomite on Flickr)

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