Enigma – Electronic music meets Gregorian Chants

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Enigma first caught my attention because of the Gregorian chants they integrated into their music, especially on their third album Le Roi est Mort, released in 1996. But I have to admit that my favorite CD remains McMxc A.D. in which they succeeded in combining electronic music, electrical guitars and Gregorian chants!
Rather than a band, Enigma is a musical project that mixed electronic music with traditional elements from the beginning. Imagine a time when the music world just got used to synthesizer beats!

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Marcome’s Ambient music iMix 3

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Click image to browse this Ambient iMix

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A selection of smooth electronic ambient musics to enjoy after a busy day! My iPod is full of those airy tracks that allow my big head to unwind. From Daft Punk to Enigma passing by Portishead and Delerium, discover the smooth side of those great artists!

May you find time to relax and chill out in the next hours! Amitiés, Marcomé ♥

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New Age Music and Meditation

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New Age Music Female Singer Marcome

New Age Music Female Singer Marcome

One of the most popular uses for new age music is meditation.  Through relaxing melodies, poetic lyrics, and hypnotic rhythms, popular new age music groups provide a background for opening the mind and heart to the greatest mysteries in the universe.

Most of the people making and selling new age music have a passionate dedication to the spiritual advancement of our planet.  They understand that we have reached an important point in human evolution where our individual and collective spirit is pushing forward past purely instinctual and primal needs toward an existence based in higher frequencies of vibration and light.

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The Evolution Of New Age Music

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Evolution of spiritually acoustic electronic to New Age Music to…

New Age Music

Are the stars aligned for a New Age Music revival? Something weird struck me over the holidays as this year came to a close…While looking at the current top selling albums listing, I wondered what was going on, what year was I presently in and going to? Sarah Brightman, Enya and Loreena McKennitt. Hmm… Yes! are the stars aligned for a New Age music revival? Or is there a connection to a New World music invasion? Read more