New Age Music and Meditation

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New Age Music Female Singer Marcome

New Age Music Female Singer Marcome

One of the most popular uses for new age music is meditation.  Through relaxing melodies, poetic lyrics, and hypnotic rhythms, popular new age music groups provide a background for opening the mind and heart to the greatest mysteries in the universe.

Most of the people making and selling new age music have a passionate dedication to the spiritual advancement of our planet.  They understand that we have reached an important point in human evolution where our individual and collective spirit is pushing forward past purely instinctual and primal needs toward an existence based in higher frequencies of vibration and light.

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New Age Piano Music

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If you have any interest in the new age genre, you’ve no doubt already identified some of the most compelling new age piano music.  For the most part, instrumental new age music is based on piano or keyboard melodies (although classical guitar is often another popular choice among these musicians).300nostre-tiempo-24-05-copy

However, if you are new to this genre, you can find many wonderful new age music stations on the internet where you’ll have the opportunity to hear some of the best new age songwriters and musicians for free.  Once you’ve identified some favorites, you can invest in their recordings for your personal collection.  The popular website Read more

I’m happy to show you my new t…

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I’m happy to show you my new twitter skin done by @princesstimetoy Very good looking twitter page! thanks to your passion for beauty!

Write to Marcomé

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Thanks for your kindness! I really appreciate all the good words you take the time to write to me. You help me persevere on my path and make me realize that music can be helpful. So a huge thank you for your encouragement. Your comments are always appreciated, I’m really grateful to you!

Take care, you deserve the best! PLEASE CLICK HERE TO LEAVE ME A COMMENT

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In the moment with Marcomé

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Marcomé Music Video of Memoria from Malcolm Cohan

The Inspiration section of the blog is for me a special place to share thoughts and feelings about life. I wish to positively influence you to treat yourself better! I love reading books abut spirituality and profound thinkers. Without being pretentious, my deep desire is to share what I discover along my own quest for a better life.

I sincerely hope you will find something good for you here…

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