Ambient Music: The Ideal Soundtrack For Our Hectic Lives

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Sit down, listen in and chill out…with ambient music playing..

Ambient music Marcomé

Marcomé mixing Nostrie Tiempo

First, let us say that my current taste by all standards is leaning heavily towards ambient music. Second, I had somewhat of a music epiphany over the weekend… On a cold and lazy Sunday afternoon, I decided to take a dive into my physical music collection (consisting of thousands of vinyl LPs, 45 RPMs and compact discs). One thing was evident though.  How did I arrive at Air, Massive Attack, Morcheeba, Bjork, Thievery Corporation or DJ Cam? It was a bold reflection of my evolutionary path colliding with my passion for music. Tucked away in these cherished 12 inch cardboard jackets, plastic jewel cases and worn out paper sleeves, is a large part of who I was and where I came from. Even to some extent, where I am heading. Memorable moments in time reanimated by a glance of an album jacket and by pressing ‘play’ on my music player. Read more

Marcomé’s Ambient New Age Music

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Arabica Remixed

Ambient music by Marcomé

Latest Remixes of Marcomé’s song Arabica are now available. Marcomé remixed Arbica into a Feel Good Remix and a Lounge Remix and a Dance Remix version. Listen to Arabica Remixed.

Also available on Digital Distribution Worldwide.

River of Life Remixed

River of Life Remixed from MarcoméNew Remixes of Marcomé’s song River of Life are now available. Marcomé remixed River of Life into a Feel Good Remix and a Lounge Remix. Listen to  River of Life Remixed.

Also available on Digital Distribution Worldwide

2 New Music Videos

Marcomé Music Video of River of LifeA  Music Video of River of Life. Marcomé’s latest music video of the song River of Life taken from the album River of Soul where you’ll get to see nature scenery she filmed herself while in Alaska and in Mont-Tremblant and at the Montreal Botanical Gardens.

Marcomé Music Video of Memoria from Malcolm Cohan

A new Music Video of Memoria. Malcolm Cohan created a stunning and inspirational video utilizing photo montage with Marcomé’s song Memoria from the album Seven Seas Remastered.

Between sets with Marcomé

River of Soul Album from MarcoméYou can now listen to an in depth interview that Marcomé gave to Karl Stober for JazzReview. To listen click Interviews, to read a transcript click

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You can now purchase Marcomé’s music in the United States through click here and CD Baby click here

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In the moment with Marcomé

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Marcomé Music Video of Memoria from Malcolm Cohan

The Inspiration section of the blog is for me a special place to share thoughts and feelings about life. I wish to positively influence you to treat yourself better! I love reading books abut spirituality and profound thinkers. Without being pretentious, my deep desire is to share what I discover along my own quest for a better life.

I sincerely hope you will find something good for you here…

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