Cool Music Quotes to Share and Enjoy

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So many wise people over the ages were either musicians or music enthusiasts! Is it any wonder that there are a number of cool music quotes to share and enjoy?

Whether you find inspiration, comfort, strength, happiness — or all of these — quotes about music can bring a song to your heart and a spring in your step!

I’d love to share a few more of my favorite music quotes!

Lovely inspiration from nature and music

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Marketing for Musicians: Sell What you Love

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Do you love to sing?  Think you could sell a few albums?  Trust me, its not the easiest job in the world, but you know the saying:  “Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life!”

For me, singing and producing albums is the fun part.  Marketing the music takes some effort, but with my plan and supportive people to help me, its also an enjoyable task.

Get on the right path for your music marketing!

Get on the right path for your music marketing!

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Favorite Blogs on New Age Music

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The news media has dubbed the first 10 years of the century, the “digital decade” (well, actually Bill Gates did, but news networks have jumped on the bandwagon).  Certainly, anyone with a Facebook or Twitter account, or those that enjoy downloading music from the Internet will agree.  Perhaps one of the most enjoyable aspects of social networking these days is the proliferation of “weblogs,” more commonly known as “blogs.”

You can find a blog on just about any niche in which you are interested.  As an Ambient New Age singer songwriter – with a blog of my own – I definitely have my favorite blogs on New Age music.  If you love inspiring music from this genre, then come along with me.  There are some true gems out there that can broaden your repertoire and enjoyment!

New Age Expression comes in many forms (image from virtually_supine on Flickr)

New Age Expression comes in many forms (image from virtually_supine on Flickr)

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Welcome to my Ambient New Age Music Blog

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It’s with great pleasure that I welcome you to my New Age Music blog. I have been running around lately remixing my song River of Life and finishing 2 new music videos. I’ve also put together all the new material to propose you more stuff on I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy! I would love to hear from you! Make sure you go around to see the new music videos, listen to the River of Life Remixes and hear the great interview I gave to Karl Stober from There’s also new photos, wallpapers, presskits for you to download. Thanks for your encouragement and please, leave me your comments! I’ll be back soon. Take care, you deserve the best! Marcomé

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Marcomé’s Ambient New Age Music

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Arabica Remixed

Ambient music by Marcomé

Latest Remixes of Marcomé’s song Arabica are now available. Marcomé remixed Arbica into a Feel Good Remix and a Lounge Remix and a Dance Remix version. Listen to Arabica Remixed.

Also available on Digital Distribution Worldwide.

River of Life Remixed

River of Life Remixed from MarcoméNew Remixes of Marcomé’s song River of Life are now available. Marcomé remixed River of Life into a Feel Good Remix and a Lounge Remix. Listen to  River of Life Remixed.

Also available on Digital Distribution Worldwide

2 New Music Videos

Marcomé Music Video of River of LifeA  Music Video of River of Life. Marcomé’s latest music video of the song River of Life taken from the album River of Soul where you’ll get to see nature scenery she filmed herself while in Alaska and in Mont-Tremblant and at the Montreal Botanical Gardens.

Marcomé Music Video of Memoria from Malcolm Cohan

A new Music Video of Memoria. Malcolm Cohan created a stunning and inspirational video utilizing photo montage with Marcomé’s song Memoria from the album Seven Seas Remastered.

Between sets with Marcomé

River of Soul Album from MarcoméYou can now listen to an in depth interview that Marcomé gave to Karl Stober for JazzReview. To listen click Interviews, to read a transcript click

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