New Age or Ambient Music?

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I asked this question in a previous blog post: should my music be classified as new age or ambient?  New age music has certain connotations that may not be preconceptions when listeners are offered the opportunity to listen to “ambient music,” instead.

Relax with new age or ambient music

Relax with new age or ambient music

Yes, its true that my home site,, notes that I have been reviewed as among the best female New Age singers in the world.  But does my music fit neatly in the music genre?  Read more

The Many Faces of Percussions: from world beat to rock music

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The Many Faces of Percussion: from world beat to rock music

There are almost as many different kinds of music as there are people in the world.  From World beat music to Ambient, music is as much individual as it is universal, thus creating a new world of textures.  Each one of us can create music based on our ability, be it with a music instrument or through the instrument that all humans possess:  their voice. Many 300-percussion3times we are taken away by the music we hear (in a good way!), and we actually do not realize the importance of percussion and the role it plays on our emotions. A song may start out sounding somewhat ethereal, starting off softly with flutes and other light woodwind-type instruments.  Then, adding keyboard sounds for an effect of serenity and tranquility, peacefulness, as if lying next to a stream of calm waters.  We then start hearing the steady beat of a shaker, with possibly congas or bongos laying down a soft, steady beat, the mood changes from one of stillness to one of movement.  Instead of lying next to the stream, you now want to walk alongside.  Percussion moves us.  It is a driving force to action in new world music and other music genre as well. Read more