Marcomé’s New Age Music iMix 1

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Get lost in time and space with my favorite relaxing New Age Music on iTunes

Marcomé's New Age Music iMix 1

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Here is a selection of new age artists and female vocalists I like a lot to get lost in time…and space! This is the first New Age Music iMix I will propose you and I chose Itunes because I’m a Mac girl! I use this New Age Music mix to read, give a massage or get one! I also like to day dream while watching the sky…it’s a soundtrack to my life in some ways. Over the years,  some of those artists such as Vangelis, Steve Roach and Patrick O’hearn have been like mentors to me in the creation of my own music. I’m grateful to those fabulous music teachers! I sure hope you’ll find something to soothe your soul ! Marcomé

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Thanks for your kindness! I really appreciate all the good words you take the time to write to me. You help me persevere on my path and make me realize that music can be helpful. So a huge thank you for your encouragement. Your comments are always appreciated, I’m really grateful to you!

Take care, you deserve the best! PLEASE CLICK HERE TO LEAVE ME A COMMENT

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Marcomé xxx