New Music Releases for New Age Fans

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In 2010, more people than ever are enjoying new age music.  If you are looking for some hot new music releases in the genre, you are in the right place!   We cover new age spirituality and frequently review new age artists in this blog.

As a singer songwriter myself, I definitely have some favorites.  Yet, I always find something special to enjoy in each of the many new age cds that I hear.

Come and have a listen to some of the most recent hits this year!

Its time to discover some new age treasures! (image from chefranden on Flickr)

Its time to discover some new age treasures! (image from chefranden on Flickr)

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Free New Age MP3 music Downloads

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Looking for relaxing music?  Want to know where to find it on the Internet?

You are in luck!  New Age MP3 downloads are easier to accomplish than a downward dog yoga pose, and many of them are FREE!

Click to get your free mp3 songs from Marcomé !

If you know where to look, you can find your favorite new age music artists with a click of the mouse.  Whether you stream the music straight from your computer, or download music files onto your MP3 player, you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home.  Enjoy new age vocalists whenever you wish!

(image from Chi King on Flickr)

Relax with New Age Music from the Internet (image from Chi King on Flickr)

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Marcome’s relaxing & rejuvaneting Music Videos

Recently, I wrote about Finding Musical Inspiration…. what it is that moves me to compose my songs.  In truth, there are many influences on my songwriting.  My own music composition is different than that of other new age vocalists because I’m involved in all stages of production.

Not only do I sing, compose and play, but I am a professional sound engineer.  You might say that sound creation is my specialty.  I have described myself as “a hi-fi girl who’s into electronics!”  Can you say that about other female music artists?

Marcome's Sound Creation

Marcome’s Music Composition is like no other!

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