Journey Through New World Music

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I’ve been enjoying musics from all around the world my entire life.  After classical music training, I had a period in my life (I was 17) where I bought a Vinyl record collection from Decca filled with ethnic music and chants. It brought me to sing along with Bulgarian Chant Ensemble, Gregorian Chant Monks, Marocain Music Ensemble, Ravi Shankar, Japanese Koto theater music, and more.

Listening to the record collection inspired much of my international musical culture and influences.

Bringing together music from all over the word

Bringing together music from all over the word (image from HARDWAX on Flickr)

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Discover New age music artist Marcomé

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Welcome to my blog! I’m Marcomé pronounced, “Mar-Ko-May.” We’ve been debating whether the genre in which my melodies fit is “new age,” or “ambient.”  Feel free to weigh in with your vote!  But perhaps you are a new fan.  Want to learn more about my background and musical training?  Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Discover Marcome's Music

Discover Marcome’s Music

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A Colorful new Music Video

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Diamond Light Codes

Discover the colorful new video clip that my friend Julie from United Kingdom just offered us. Calling the Soul.

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