Fall in Love with New World Music

February 11, 2010 by  
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Looking for some inspiring music to lift your spirits?  If you haven’t discovered the genre – trust me – you could fall in love with New World Music faster than cupid can draw back his bow.

Relaxing sounds and inspiration are within reach.  These days, it doesn’t take much to download new musical discoveries from the Internet within minutes.  But New World Music can be found in traditional record stores, at online music stores and more.

Listening to world music is a unique way to travel to distant lands.  Stamp your passport, close your eyes and feel the stress of your reality melt away….

Fall in love with New Age Music! (image from alykat on Flickr)

Fall in love with New Age Music! (image from alykat on Flickr)

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Ambient Music To Enrich Your Life

November 4, 2009 by  
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Of the music in my home record collection, I find myself frequently listening to ambient music to relax, inspire or simply enrich my life.  Each song carries with it unique memories and allow for a new sense of freedom in the present.  Each time I listen, I am moved in new ways.  To slow down.  To listen.  To simply be.

I listen to ambient music to create a background to my inner world. It sometimes need to be songs that are musically airy and open, without too much lyrics in order to allow my inner voice to arise. To accompany a dinner with friends, ambient music rhythms and sounds are sometimes a more neutral ground!

Ambient Music to Enrich Your Life (image from woodleywonderworks on Flickr)

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