Thanks for being you! Spread the love, the world needs it!

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One day at a time and even one minute at a time we can change how we go about life. Appreciate what you have and grow your confidence that the universe who created us, deeply loves us! Happy next hour and Tks for being! Marcomé ♥

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Twitter’s Theme Tune by Marcome on Environmental Graffiti

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Twitter’s Very Own Theme Tune

Twitter Love Tree

Twitter Love Tree

Canadian singer songwriter Marcomé takes social networking to a whole new level. Inspired by Twitter’s success and the friends she has made there, she’s composed and produced a song dedicated to the popular microblogging site – an ode to Twitter so to speak whose eternal message of love, understanding and connecting in our ever more complicated environment can also be understood by someone who has never twittered before. Her inspiration? Nature, and maybe a bit of EG we like to believe.

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