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Thanks for your kindness! I really appreciate all the good words you take the time to write to me. You help me persevere on my path and make me realize that music can be helpful. So a huge thank you for your encouragement. Your comments are always appreciated, I’m really grateful to you!

Take care, you deserve the best! PLEASE CLICK HERE TO LEAVE ME A COMMENT

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Marcomé xxx

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Thanks for your comments. Marcomé


185 Responses to “Write to Marcomé”
  1. Harold Torres says:

    Thank you for your music.

    You are beautiful.

    I love “you”

    • Marcomé says:

      My gratitude dear Harold! Thank you for taking the time to send a wish of love in this night of human history at times.
      May the next hour be an occasion take 5 minutes to yourself, slow down and be…) Marcomé Prayers for you from Quebec!

  2. Bogdan says:

    Hello Dear Markome. Over the years, I enjoy listening to your wonderful music with pleasure and delight! I am also interested in esoteric teachings, the Living Ethics of the Roerich family, and New Age teachings. Recently, I listen to almost every day “peace in my heart.” Tell me please, when will the video for this song.?

  3. Robert Bowen says:

    Dear Marcome,

    Your voice is as beautiful as you are. Your song, “In the River,” relaxes me so much. Your song gives me the hope I need in my life. Please never stop singing.

    With all my love,

    Robert Bowen <3

    • Marcomé says:

      What a beautiful message! My gratitude! You are an Earth Angel for me today sending me a message to persevere in making music. I wish you a new year filled with inner love, inner peace and lots of courage! Marcomé

  4. Jeffrey Hoffmann says:

    I just heard Yeku for the first time ever. It was mesmerizing. In a world where hope and goodness are so rare, I marvel at the astonishing beauty that you have created. Never let this world dull your spirit. I listened to it 7 or 8 times in a row. I just can’t express in words how much it touched my soul. Thank you. Jeff.

    • Marcomé says:

      My gratitude Jeff! It’s hard sometimes to stay focus on love when the world crumbles apart! But it’s actually because of its inner beauty that I nourish hope. It’s not all bad after all. Some humans are working hard to help others, nature is resisting man’s assault with its resilience. There is some unconditional love and energy in the universe that is eternal. I choose to believe we are meant for that… May you be blessed you and your family. Marcomé X

  5. Judith says:

    Thank you for your Twitter response (Judith Balafre). I will consider your beautiful music for my new screenplay, if it is ever produced. I am getting so many spiritual signs, including your Tweet, I’m feeling good about it. A lot of my scenes take place in or on the ocean.
    Thank you, Judy

  6. beau says:

    I know you love ambient as I, and thought you might like some of the music I own that you may have never listened to:

    Djivan Gasparyan & Michael Brook’s album Black Rock – very haunting/beautiful
    Al Gromer Khan – Space Hotel
    Tuu – Mesh (insanely mellow music)
    Spacetime Continuum – Sea Biscuit
    Ok, that’s all for now :)

  7. jim dakis says:

    Dear Marcome Just got off the phone with brother in law and I turned them on to your music and website they where very excited please post some new photos soon. y0ur friend soon Jim ps had to wait for my hip thing wasn’t up for it much love Jim. My sisters a is retired nurse touch therapy healer and husband is a PSHD they like helping people if you ever have a problem I’m here for you you Jim ps still working on SKYPE THING

  8. jim N. Dakis says:

    My dearest Marcome have been listening too some of your new stuff really like it you are so creative I hear your music and voice it slays my heart.Some of your remixes are the best the art in your videos is outstanding I will be glad to help you any way I can when Iget back on my feet will be getting your new cd zen voices best wishes lots of love keep in touch sweetheart where so much alike Jim

    • marcome says:

      You make my day Jim! Sending you a huge gratitude hug and tons of hopeful prayers. Talk to you cells to prepare them for healing! With love, Marcomé

  9. Andreas says:

    what a wonderful voice !
    Thank you for allowing me to share in your music.
    Love, Andreas.

  10. Chuck Leddy says:

    I know you’re a jazz person. Might you consider sharing via Twitter my article on jazz great Wynton Marsalis’s amazing lecture-concert at Harvard?

  11. Janice Hunt says:

    Dear Marcome,

    For a little over two years around the turn of this century, I was getting massage therapy by John King on Maui (he was writing the “ABCs of Enlightenment” when I first met him) and for each massage session he would play your “Seven Seas” album. Then one day he played something else. Your music transported me so immensely that I mentioned to him that I preferred it. So from then on, he played it every time. From what little I knew of internal breath exercises, his exceptionally advanced knowledge and abilities, and your album allowed for my lower back and neck injuries from a severe 1979 car wreck to be healed after about a year and a half of seeing him once every two weeks. When I met John, I had one shoulder two inches higher than the other, and suffered from migraines to the point I was getting an equivalent of 20 mgs of Valium shot into my buttocks 3 to 4 times a week. In addition, I could no longer do three of my favorite joys in life: swimming, dancing and hiking (even walking), without them triggering a migraine. The day I was able to dance where I could completely enjoy it again for the first time in years (without any ache not to mention a migraine) was a gift from heaven and I do believe that of the three key elements, your music was one of them (and my shoulders are even again still to this day). Whenever I have overworked myself or lift too much weight, if I listen to your music, I can transport myself back onto John’s massage table, allowing my body to balance itself (like magic). So I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your “Seven Seas” album is heavenly sacred to me! May white light shower upon you and through you always!

    Mahalo and aloha,

    P.S. It is my opinion that you are a ‘Lightworker.’ ;D

  12. Michel Deketelaere says:

    As you experienced LIFE is a joke,and you still ARE a HEAVENLY BEING…already listened to yourself..ANGEL?

    • marcome says:

      And I add that you are equally a precious Soul! May the Angels of perseverance and inner peace be with all of us.. most of the time! Marcomé

  13. Lansing Day says:

    Peace and many blessings to you….ah, yes

    Yeku? Experienced this of you just now and am recalling Antigua and a time, before my father had died, 2005. Curtain Bluff Resort had used some of your song “All Alone” for a promo video (I trust they had gotten permission).
    I hear this all alone flow in “yeku”

    Now Curtain Bluff feels sad to me. Slavery comes to my heart ~ time breaks and is inconsequential.

    Yeku is of the Brazilian Yekuanna? Carib roots…i found out

    with much love, my spirit friend,

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