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Relax and allow the music to flow through you. Take your time and enjoy, as I share my passion for music and life with you. I’m a Canadian singer songwriter. I compose, produce and engineer all of my music, which is a blend of Ambient New Age and World music that I like to call
New World Music.

I blend lyrics with wordless languages (Wordpainting)
to create a soothing and ethereal musical tapestry. Besides layered voices, my music mainly incorporates dreamy keyboards, fretless bass, jazzy guitar riffs, and traditional world beat percussions.



Presently, quality New Age music is making resurgence in global popularity, as music lovers are searching for uplifting, spiritual music as a companion for their everyday lives. I still wonder if the term fits my music! I would be delighted to have your opinion! Come share your thoughts with me on my BLOG.

New age music artist Marcome

Let me introduce you to my debut album, Seven Seas (Remastered). The ambient new age music showcases vocals enveloped with sculptured soundscapes. Healing and inspiring music, the songs on this album have been described as an “aural elixir,” with soothing relaxing undertones. The first single and music video, “Yeku” was released worldwide to critical acclaim and landed on many Top 20 play lists!

My second music album, River Of Soul, combines new age sounds with world beat music instruments to hopefully take you on a spiritual journey to faraway lands. The first single / music video, “River Of Life” enjoyed extensive airplay on radio, satellite, Internet, music television and video websites around the world.

My music has touched music lovers from all around the planet. I’m grateful to all of you who supported and wrote to me over the years. You helped me persevere. Thank you.

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River of soul Seven Seas Zen Voices Ougainatso Remixes
Relaxing music artist Marcome en alternance
New age music artist Marcome
Relaxing music artist Marcome en alternance
Relaxing music artist Marcome en alternance
New age music artist Marcome


















Marcomé Remixed

Here, my music is given an ambient twist, with different interpretations. In Marcomé Remixed, I revisit my creation with a new perspective. Each song explores subtle nuances and dreaminess of ambient music, carefree beats of dance music, and slackness of chilling lounge music. My goal is having fun and you should see me smiling when I do that! Hope you’ll enjoy as much as I do.

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«Thank you for the special gift. While I'm not a musician, I have been an avid listener since I was a child. It soothes, relaxes and gives me joy. I cannot imagine a day without it. I will share with others what I found today! Best regards,»



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