Month: February 2009

My favorite New Age Music Albums

Back in time with my favorite new age music albums It bubbled in my mind this weekend that I loved all kinds of New Age artists. As I was listening to music compilations I have done in the 90’s on a DAT Recorder, I...

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Music and outdoor activities keep me sane!

Music and physical activities help me go through life. It reduces stress, reminding me that we’re not meant to suffer all the time! So when in need, a good cd and a walk will get me back to my center. Love needs nurturing!...

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The Violonist in the Metro

I’m back from Cross-country skiing in the little forest nearby my house. Met with the 5 deers, all brownish and warmly wrapped in their winter velvet coat ! Nature is gorgeous and so abundant. We barely pass by if we keep on...

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