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Month: July 2009

Take a Musical Journey

Music and memory are closely intertwined.  You can take a musical journey just by putting in a selected CD or pressing play on an MP3 file.  I like to think of it as the one, true way that humans can engage in time travel! Like...

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New Age or Ambient Music?

I asked this question in a previous blog post: should my music be classified as new age or ambient?  New age music has certain connotations that may not be preconceptions when listeners are offered the opportunity to listen to...

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New Age Music for Health

Have you considered New Age music for health? Recent studies have shown a positive impact of both yoga and meditation on the health of practitioners. Putting on a restful New Age music CD while you practice may even improve your...

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Music Soothes the Soul

Its true: music soothes the soul!  Whether you are a musician, or just a grateful listener, your day can be improved by simply listening to your favorite musics.  In fact, as a singer, I gain immense satisfaction just by losing...

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