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Month: August 2009

Piano-Playing Cat Inspires Musical Copy-cats

Nora, the adorable, has been all over the Internet and talk show television recently.  She is the amazing piano-playing cat that has found her way into the hearts of millions just by tickling the ivories.  Just watch her...

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Music For the Changing Seasons

Summer is drawing to a close. Even on a warm day, the temperature rises more slowly in the morning and falls a bit faster after dusk. While we mourn the end of summer, anticipation builds for what lies ahead in autumn. Is it any...

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The Power of the Pentatonic Scale

In the incredible, entertaining video below, Bobby McFerrin the well-known jazz and a Capella vocal performer, engages the audience at the World Science Festival in June in New York City.  After just a few easy directions, the...

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New Age: Living with Integrity

There is much misunderstanding about the term “new age,” whether referring to religion, lifestyle or a music genre.  You don’t necessarily have to engage in typical “new age practices” like yoga,...

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Ambient Music: From Eno to Boards of Canada

Do you know Brian Eno, Boards of Canada, Robert Rich, Aphex Twins? Outside of its creators and fans, “ambient music” is often thought of as mere background music (for example, meditation or yoga).  In a worst case...

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Free New Age Music Online

If you enjoy my tunes, did you know that you can listen to free new age music online? has a wide variety of tracks by new age and ambient artists that you can enjoy at work, or as a “trial” run...

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