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Month: November 2009

Marcomé: River of Soul to the Seven Seas

As you may already know, some of the inspirations for my ambient new age music are travel, exercise, and simply enjoying life. I take the feelings I am experiencing and imagine how they sound.  When I am inspired, I translate...

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Thanksgiving: A Time To Reflect

The holiday season in my part of the world starts with Thanksgiving in November. It is a time to gather. A time to reflect. And perhaps most importantly, a time to celebrate the abundant blessings in our lives. Thanksgiving is...

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Marcome’s relaxing & rejuvaneting Music Videos

Recently, I wrote about Finding Musical Inspiration…. what it is that moves me to compose my songs.  In truth, there are many influences on my songwriting.  My own music composition is different than that of other new age...

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Chilling with Ambient New Age Music

Sometimes, I wonder if “New Age” has passed its prime, and we should just refer to the genre as ambient or new world.  But, then I think that new age music still holds special qualities that should be celebrated and...

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Ambient Music To Enrich Your Life

Of the music in my home record collection, I find myself frequently listening to ambient music to relax, inspire or simply enrich my life.  Each song carries with it unique memories and allow for a new sense of freedom in the...

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