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Month: December 2009

Enjoy the Best New Age Music

What comes to mind when you consider New Age artists?  Let me tell you that its probably not what you might have heard 10-20 years ago!  These days, “new age” can include several other music genres that are exciting,...

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Happy Holiday Season! Joyeux temps des Fêtes!

Much love, laughter & simple moments of pleasures your way! May this little break be an occasion to better take care of your needs. Spend some time doing things you enjoy and that make you feel good! I’m grateful to...

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A Musical Stroll Through the Fall Forest

Sometimes we just need a little space.  To breathe.  To think.  To just… be. Come, take a musical stroll through the fall forest with me.  Listen to the rustling of the leaves and other musical sounds in nature. Feel the...

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Breathe Love & heal your inner being!

Life is challenging at times for all of us and on different levels. Still, we’re faced with the same issues; do I really love myself as I would like others to do so? I’m now challenged with health issues and I might...

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We Are All One

My spirituality is fundamental to my personality.  It inspires my music and deepens my friendships. One of my core beliefs is that spirituality is connected to sustainability – in other words, the idea that we give more...

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Favorite Seasonal Music Selections

Every year, I think to myself – how did we already get to December?  It seems that just yesterday, the waning summer sun still warmed the earth.  Now that the holiday season is upon us, its time to pull out favorite...

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