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Month: January 2010

New Age Music Classics: iMix 2

Find some musical inspiration in Marcomé’s New Age Music iMixes. Music is meant to uplift and to accompany us! I love this feature on iTunes that allows you to create a mix of your favorite songs from artists of your...

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The Sound of Silence

Does silence have a sound?  Do we ever stop just to be still and listen? Mother Nature has a lovely voice.  She whispers during early dawning hours.  Softly sings through forest breezes.  She warbles over river rocks.  You can...

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Make Room for Space Music

You’ve probably heard of chill music, ambient music, and world music.  But what about space music?  The term isn’t as “out there,” as you might believe!  In fact, it is quickly becoming recognized as a...

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What’s our place in the cosmos?

Are there things about the universe that will stay beyond our grasp? One of the great revelations of space exploration is the image of the earth, bearing the entire human species through the oceans of space and time..this is...

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The Dawning of a New Age

I love the promise of early morning. The day stretches out before me with great promise. I cannot help but smile in anticipation! New age music has been often associated with health and spirituality, the genre is popular among...

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Have patience with yourself

Have patience with yourself, be the change you want to see in the world. I’ve had quite an issue with perfectionism in my life. I was expecting everything to be perfect all the time. The way I look, the clean house, the...

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