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Month: February 2010

Twitter Tips for Social Networking Success

As you know, I love Twitter! The site has been a great tool to use for social networking success. Perhaps the best thing about Twitter (from my perspective) is the fact that you can meet people easily and develop true...

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Marketing for Musicians: Sell What you Love

Do you love to sing?  Think you could sell a few albums?  Trust me, its not the easiest job in the world, but you know the saying:  “Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life!” For me,...

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I Twitter you some love and gratitude!

I simply must say thank you to all my wonderful friends and fans – both old and new. Since 2009, I have been touched deeply by your kindness and amiability ! You rejuvenated my hope in humanity if I might say…...

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Fall in Love with New World Music

Looking for some inspiring music to lift your spirits?  If you haven’t discovered the genre – trust me – you could fall in love with New World Music faster than cupid can draw back his bow. Relaxing sounds and...

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Marcomé’s Ambient and Dance Music iMix

  I feel alive when I dance!  What better way to get your body moving than to put on some exciting, upbeat music?  When its time to clean house or get outside for some exercise, I love listening to the selections on my...

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