We live in a hurry most of the time if we don’t make it a commitment to stay in the now! How though! Maybe it’s time for us to remember that we are not human doings but human “beings” and that honoring the now is honoring life! May you find a few minutes every few hours to make sure you are feeling your inner body. You are precious! Musch love your way, Marcomé

Get whisked away to the mountaintop.  Float through the clouds with me, experience the beauty of the moment, and be inspired by the power of nature.  Meditate as you breathe in deeply, feeling the strength of the universe coursing through your being.

You cannot help but be transported to a new state of mind while enjoying this ambient music track. Why not take a musical journey from the comfort of your own surroundings?

Breathe and meditate with Marcome (image from nantel on Flickr)

Breathe and meditate with Marcome (image from nantel on Flickr)

A healthier soul can result in a happier body.  When you breathe and meditate, you may find that new answers to old issues present themselves.

I invite you to try right now!

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