Recently, I wrote about Finding Musical Inspiration…. what it is that moves me to compose my songs.  In truth, there are many influences on my songwriting.  My own music composition is different than that of other new age vocalists because I’m involved in all stages of production.

Not only do I sing, compose and play, but I am a professional sound engineer.  You might say that sound creation is my specialty.  I have described myself as “a hi-fi girl who’s into electronics!”  Can you say that about other female music artists?

Marcome's Sound Creation

Marcome’s Music Composition is like no other!

I truly believe that listening to music – enjoying music – is a personal experience.  I realize that what motivates me as a songwriter may be different than what drives other vocal artists in creating their music.  Still, we all share a passion for music, which should delight our listeners, no matter our unique backgrounds.

Music is a personal experience (image from Richard0 on Flickr)

Music is a personal experience (image from Richard0 on Flickr)

My music creation comes from deep within my soul.  As an artist, my belief is that you cannot separate the songs from the spiritual person that is composing the music.

When you listen to my cds, you’ll hear my love for life, my optimism and my generally positive attitude.  You may also detect my past journeys, both emotional and physical.  Music composition is woven from so many threads of life.

I once described the way I experience and convey music this way:

“Music at its best is a gift!  Its  form of self-expression that has the ability to touch someone deeply.  Its a human connector, a way to better live our emotions, to get in touch and to touch others.”

My core beliefs include unconditional love – of others and of yourself – which can lead to both self-autonomy and emotional autonomy.  You have to answer to yourself, and be at peace with the way you live your life.  Live with integrity and match your actions to your values.

Our humanity and divine connection to each other should inspire us all to treat others as we wish to be treated.  That is how I try to live!

(image from Lee Coursey on Flickr)

Inspirational music – itself is inspired by beauty and integrity (image from Lee Coursey on Flickr)

While my spirituality is a constant backdrop to my songwriting, the actual sound creation itself can be structured.  Or at least it may start out that way.

When composing a song, I layer onomatopoeias, sounds, vowels or consonants to create a “vocal color.”  From there, I simply allow words to come out, sometimes emerging like an unconscious subject from me.  I start with a single voice, and then add another as inspiration strikes.  Sometimes I can end up with unusual, unpredictable results that can surprise even me!  It even seems like I am singing with someone else!

At the end of this process, I can understand what the song is trying to tell me.  My writing partner Ron Montanaro and I then finish the lyrics.

The River of Life is a great example of the finished process:

I just have to talk more about Ron Montanaro.  He is such a special and dear friend!  Ron’s intuition and sensitive creativity have transformed soft melodies into inspirational music, almost magically.  We have worked together so long that we are used to each other’s styles.  Ron knows that when I bring him a melody, he will find the best words and expressions that perfectly fit.

Granted, the music composition may be “backward” compared with most singer songwriters’ approaches of writing lyrics first, and then the music to fit.  For me, it makes more sense to write the music that flows from my soul, and then put words to the sounds, as they fit.

I explained the creative process of my work with Ron in a previous interview:

“When I send him a song, there are some words already sung in it.  I give him the subject, the direction, the feeling and he does his magic by reading my emotions and rendering them in the most poetic way.  He not only has a talent for words but he also makes my voice sound so much better by the use of proper syllables and consonants.”

Although music composition and sound creation are distinct features in creating a song, for me they are intrinsic to each other, and it can be hard to separate them.  One leads to the other, and vice versa.  I recently explained:

“I always have a part of sound creation right after I drafted a new musical idea.  Being a trained sound engineer makes me kind of autonomous.  Going from technical stuff to more artistic matters give me a break from one another and allows me to stay more objective.  I’m really grateful that I can achieve what I hear in my imagination from a to z.”

We are all constantly evolving (image from Rebecca L. Daily on Flickr)

We are all constantly evolving (image from Rebecca L. Daily on Flickr)

There is so much to share about my musical creation!  Perhaps one final note is that I try to compose lyrics that are positive and constructive.  Its true that life can be difficult at times.  But no matter what, I try to be self-loving and look for solutions.

I live my life through love and perseverance.  I am constantly evolving, and I love to share that experience through inspirational music.

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