Free New Age MP3 music Downloads

Looking for relaxing music?  Want to know where to find it on the Internet?

You are in luck!  New Age MP3 downloads are easier to accomplish than a downward dog yoga pose, and many of them are FREE!

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If you know where to look, you can find your favorite new age music artists with a click of the mouse.  Whether you stream the music straight from your computer, or download music files onto your MP3 player, you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home.  Enjoy new age vocalists whenever you wish!

(image from Chi King on Flickr)

Relax with New Age Music from the Internet (image from Chi King on Flickr)

There are many sites that offer new age MP3 downloads.  Inspirational music is a click away at, Magnatune and  If you like the ease of browsing at, there are hundreds of new age songs that you can preview and purchase.

We cannot forget to mention one of the premier sites for music downloads: iTunes.  One of the most popular features is the “Genius” recommendations.  Once you purchase a song or two from your favorite new age artists, you’ll get recommendations of other tracks you might also like.  Talk about taking the guess-work out of music shopping!

(image from alicepopkorn on Flickr)

Explore new worlds and new music online (image from alicepopkorn on Flickr)

The “new age music” genre has become broader and more inclusive in recent years.  While that’s a bonus for some fans, it can make it difficult to sift through the many music offerings when looking for songs that fit their mood and style.

But this isn’t your corner record store any longer.  Broad categories like “new age,” or “instrumental” can be narrowed through Internet searches using key words like “female new age music artists,” or “new world.”  Try using the “-” key to exclude other specific words.  For example: “female new age -enya,” if you were looking for artists other than the popular Enya.

Do you enjoy electronic sounds?  Perhaps you prefer sounds from nature as a backdrop.  Maybe you are looking for spiritual music?

With the Internet, you can quickly and efficiently search thousands of New Age MP3 files to find precisely what you are looking for.  If you’re extra lucky, you may even stumble upon some wonderful new music discoveries!

(image from UggBoy on Flickr)

Searching for New Age MP3 files shouldn’t be a circus! (image from UggBoy on Flickr)

One final note – if you know that a specific New Age artist has a web page, you can often download MP3 files straight from the source.  There may be free offerings, or previews of music releases to come.  Check back often – or, better yet – become a fan.  I offer my own fans two free MP3 songs when they join!

Happy browsing!

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After all these inspirational music quotes, perhaps you’d now like to take a musical journey?
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