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Music is meant to uplift and to accompany us! I love this feature on iTunes that allows you to create a mix of your favorite songs from artists of your choice.  In my New Age Music Classics: iMix 2, I selected 15 tracks, including songs by Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Brian Eno, all of whom influenced me as an artist.

Listen to « Echoes » by Vangelis, « Deep Blue Day, » by Brian Eno, and Jean Michel Jarre’s « Oxygene: Pt.4 »  There are treasures from other artists, as well.  Check them out!

These singer songwriters inspired me to pursue and explore the keyboard’s virtual environment.  I would even say that they triggered my desire to do music!  Hope you’ll rediscover something in there.

Did you know you are free to purchase any of the selected songs, or buy the entire iTunes mix?  Also, don’t forget to make your vote count!  Rate my selections, and check out the rest of my iMixes.

Musically yours, Marcomé

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