Have you considered New Age music for health? Recent studies have shown a positive impact of both yoga and meditation on the health of practitioners. Putting on a restful New Age music CD while you practice may even improve your experience.

New Age Music for Health (image courtesy of judepics' photostream on Flickr)

New Age Music for Health (image courtesy of judepics’ photostream on Flickr)

You may be wondering how this may occur? Initially, deep, slow breathing is key to a restful mind and soul. A fast-paced life, plugged in to various forms of media is the antithesis of restful existence. Simply set aside 20-30 minutes each day (preferably in both the morning and the evening) and make it your time. Stretch your body, engage in some yoga poses and say hmmmmmmmmm. Listening to calming music will deepen your relaxation.  Dr. Oz (Oprah’s favorite longevity expert) recently sang the praises of yoga and meditation.

I love this video and music to help me get into the mood for better health:

Your choice of yoga music should be based on your personal preferences.  If you enjoy instrumental music, then go with that selection.  Perhaps you wish to hear natural sounds, or even voices singing.  There are so many options from which to choose.

Of course, I recommend this track for people who want to listen to New Age music for health:

Do you have a preconception of New Age music?  I hope not!  Chances are, the variations out there do not necessarily match your thoughts about the musical genre.

Yoga and meditation (image courtesy of lululemon on Flickr)

Yoga and meditation (image courtesy of lululemon on Flickr)

Here’s how Wikipedia describes it:

« New Age music is music of various styles, which is intended to create inspiration, relaxation, and positive feelings, often used by listeners for yoga, massage, inspiration, relaxation, meditation,and reading as a method of stress management or to create a peaceful atmosphere in their home or other environments often associated with environmentalism and New Age Spirituality. »

Do you listen to New Age music?  If so, when?  Share your experiences – particularly as they relate to health and relaxation – below!

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