Nora, the adorable, has been all over the Internet and talk show television recently.  She is the amazing piano-playing cat that has found her way into the hearts of millions just by tickling the ivories.  Just watch her concentration, which is belied only by infrequent tail flicks.  This girl is 100% into her purr-formance!

Nora the piano-playing cat (image from Wikipedia)

Nora the piano-playing cat (image from Wikipedia)

Its hard to believe that in just a few short years since her adoption from a shelter, Nora is now a world-wide sensation.  You wouldn’t know the extent of her fame when you visit her at her home in New Jersey.  Yet how many other felines do you know that “practice” the piano on a daily basis?  Could it be that her owner’s music students, “struck a chord,” with this gray tabby cat and inspired Nora to make her own music?

Nora has two very popular YouTube videos out now, and many of her fans believe that the sequel is even better than her first video release.

Which one do you like best?

Since Nora the piano-playing cat has a book, a calendar, a CD and regular talk show appearances – let alone millions of views on YouTube –  its not surprising that there are now musical copy-cats.  Fur may fly when Nora sees these videos of her competition.

Just remember, Nora: Imitation is the greatest flattery!

Nora the piano playing cat's cousin?  (image from rochelle, et al on Flickr)

This cool copycat may not possess the natural talent of Nora, but its still great fun to hear his performance.  Check out Chester – one fat cat!

You cannot watch this piano playing performance of Carter, the singing dog, without a smile on your face.  He is obviously looking for just the right note each time he pauses, sings, and plays again:

Do you have a musical pet? (image from howangcturtle on Flickr)

Do you have a musical pet? (image from howangcturtle on Flickr)

Dog-gone it – these poodles put on quite a show!  I love how it looks like they are actually reading the sheet music:

Wait… is there a bone hidden somewhere under the keyboard?  You’ve gotta love this sharp-dressed Cocker Spainel.  Watch out, Nora!

Give him a lift so he can play piano! (image from jame.s on Flickr)

Give him a lift so he can play piano! (image from jame.s on Flickr)

Dogs and cats aren’t the only pets playing piano.  I wonder if this pot-bellied pig… “hogs” the keyboard?

Its no wonder that Nora’s talent playing piano has inspired so many musical copy-cats.  My own dog, Patchou, is not into keyboarding.  He’s best at just snuggling on my lap and looking cute.

I guess there can only be one musician in our house!

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