Practicing Yoga to new age music

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Practicing Yoga to Ambient Music (image from myyogaonline on Flickr)

Practicing Yoga to Ambient Music (image from myyogaonline on Flickr)

I love practicing yoga to ambient musicYoga is more than just a series of stretches; it is a definitive, proven way to get in shape, relax, improve sleep and digestion and more.  When you listen to ambient music, you can’t help but breathe a little more slowly, deliberately, and purposefully.  Try it right now – even if you don’t have any music playing.  Breathe in slowly and deeply.  Now, let it out.  The simple act alone of deep breathing will bring you greater peace.

Much has been said about New Age music and health.  And scientists, social workers and many others agree that music soothes the soul.  When you combine the almost magical properties of melodies with a low-impact workout of yoga, its no wonder that you’ll sleep and feel better in no time. Here is a track from my album Zen Voices Meditation Chants on which I get massaged!

As a musician, I can say that I have found a number of wonderful yoga music tunes on the Internet, beyond just my own tracks:

Yoga has been practiced for more than 5,000 years, with close to 11 million Americans enjoying its health benefits.  For those that are practicing yoga, there are several primary areas on which to focus:  physical poses (asanas), breathing techniques, and relaxation.  One of my good friends, who is an avid runner, swears by a low-impact workout with yoga.  There truly is no better way to get into shape both physically and mentally.  Side benefits include better posture, less overall stress, and an improved mood.

What do you have to lose?

Get a low-impact workout with yoga (image from Eric Lon on Flickr)

Get a low-impact workout with yoga (image from Eric Lon on Flickr)

During a workout, how often do you hear the phrase, “slow down?”  With yoga, you benefit from deliberation.  That is why good yoga music is so important.  Listening to quality ambient music can help you focus on your breathing and learn to relax more deeply.  Recall the feeling after a deep tissue massage?  You can achieve that on your own after a yoga workout, under proper circumstances.

Put aside any fears you may have about your flexibility, youth (or age), strength or ability.  Practicing yoga is open to all ages.  Listening to ambient music will improve the experience even more.  Why not try one of the oldest low-impact workouts known to man?  Once you experience the benefits of yoga, I doubt you’ll ever want to stop the age-old practice.

Preview Marcomé’s Yoga music here

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