When you hear the term spiritual music, what do you think?  The genre actually encompasses a broad range of inspirational, uplifting works.  Spiritual simply means, that which speaks to your spirit.  Whether you are religious or not, listening to certain melodies can be soothing, even meditative!  In other words, spiritual music helps you tap into the « true you, » allowing for a peaceful feeling of integrity: of being whole.

I’ve put together a sampling of spiritual music from all over the world.  I believe that new world music originates from the various cultural expressions of spirituality.  Perhaps you’ve heard pieces of the global musical fabric interwoven into my own releases?

As you listen, put away any preconceived ideas you may have.  Close your eyes and see how the melodies move your soul.

Where will spiritual music take you today? (image from abuellaloca on Flickr)

Where will spiritual music take you today? (image from abuellaloca on Flickr)

This first video combines Native American spiritual music with gorgeous art and photography.  I find the rhythmic chanting and soulful flute melodies particularly moving.  Enjoy these enchanting melodies:

In this next video showcasing Albi Mtalak‘s « Sounds of Isha, » the slow progression and layering of percussion and flute is itself meditative.  I can just imagine ladies dancing in lovely, bright cloths.  Come with me to India:

Spirituality can be found right on a street corner.  No need for hushed voices, temples or quiet, forested trails.  This street performer in Toronto is  one-man band, performing Shibatean music for passers-by.  Isn’t this music uplifting?

From the street corner to a sold-out concert, the size of the audience matters not.  The production scale of Yanni‘s Rainmaker Live! concert is obviously on a grand scale.  Yet, the simple, soulful sounds of the didgeridoo, violin, harp and vocals combine to create this inspirational music:

And now for hauntingly beautiful Turkish music.  There are simply not words to describe this spiritual sound.  Just listen and enjoy:

I like to consider enchanting melodies like these in developing my New World Music tracts.  Weaving together the tapestry of sound from all over the globe is my passion.  I have found that creative voices, unique instruments and a percussive beat are the foundational elements for spiritual music, yet you alone can determine what speaks to your soul.

I hope you discovered something new about yourself today!

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