Does silence have a sound?  Do we ever stop just to be still and listen?

Mother Nature has a lovely voice.  She whispers during early dawning hours.  Softly sings through forest breezes.  She warbles over river rocks.  You can practically hear her songs through these nature photographs….

(image from tata_aka on Flickr)

What is the sound of winter sun? (image from tata_aka on Flickr)

Take a step outside of your busy life for a moment.  Turn off your cell phone and the television.

Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and listen to the sound of silence.  Beauty is all around us!

(image from sarnibill1 on Flickr)

The hush of a winter creek (image from sarnibill1 on Flickr)

Nature’s songs differ, depending on your location.  Consider the sound of a quiet foggy morning along the ocean coastline.

(image from Argenberg on Flickr)

Softly, silently, encased in a shroud of fog (image from Argenberg on Flickr)

From a foggy morning, to a brilliant bloom of flowers.  Mother Nature has a broad repertoire of songs.  When was the last time you listened to her lovely music?

(image from alpha du centaure on Flickr)

Bright colors sing a happy tune (image from alpha du centaure on Flickr)

There is nothing more relaxing than an image of reflection.  You could take a minute for self-reflection, or just enjoy the scene being fully present in the moment.

(image from katclay on Flickr)

Reflection on a still lake (image from katclay on Flickr)

Sunshine-hued flowers sing happy songs to me!  What a happy place to be, lying down in a field of blooms!

If only we could package this up for the long winter months….

(image from photogirl7 on Flickr)

Drops of sunshine (image from photogirl7 on Flickr)

The mood shifts again at the end of the day.  Quiet reflection and a sense of satisfaction are painted across the skies and echoed gently in the bay.  Perhaps you can hear the soft creek of the boats swaying in the water?

(image from FunnyFence on Flickr)

Day is done… gone the sun…. (image from FunnyFence on Flickr)

Light can be expressed through the sound of silence, too.  Here, the golden-colored sky transitions through pastel colors to the green-blue cast on the river.  Like a water colored rainbow, the spectrum is represented as you rarely see:

(image from David Paul Ohmer on Flickr)

Water color rainbow hues (image from David Paul Ohmer on Flickr)

A flower is a flower – except when it is a work of art. This single bloom in a cluster of buds sings out with joy and happy expression!

(image from beatboxbadhabit on Flickr)

Joyous expression in nature (image from beatboxbadhabit on Flickr)

Childhood is calling, and you can answer!  Tucked in among the low-lying branches along a river is the promise of escape.  Leave your cares at the bank, hop in the boat and be a kid again.  Don’t forget to squish the cool mud through your toes for a bit!

(image from tigertwo on Flickr)

Rediscover your childhood joy (image from tigertwo on Flickr)

Purple is traditionally the color of kings.  So this appears to be quite a royal treat from Mother Nature with this richly-hued scene.

Listen closely to the sound of silence here.  She is barely whispering.

(image from ptwo on Flickr)

Enveloped in rich layers of purple (image from ptwo on Flickr)

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