in affective autonomy

The individual counseling in affective autonomy allows to accompany the person toward her happiness. The person is taught to learn about her emotional and affective dimension. With the help of our emotions, learning to become aware of our ways of thinking. We learn that there is no problem without solution. Affective autonomy brings back the essential role of our emotional body in order to become aware of our thinking day in day out. We gradually get rid of all harmful and unrealistic or harmful beliefs. Affective autonomy is a holistic and cognitivo-affective approach that takes into account all dimensions of a human being. We are not just a body… Thought creates. Either it creates our well-being, or it creates our suffering. The therapy in affective autonomy aims to develop the person’s affective logic and knowledge in order to become one’s best friend 24/7.

Couple’s counseling. It is very important to understand that couple therapy is always an individual process. It is always better for a couple to both practice the approach together. The objective is to allow the partners to understand themselves and walk together in the learning of affective autonomy.

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