in affective autonomy

Through individual counseling in affective autonomy, I accompany people toward their happiness. Each person is taught about our emotional and affective dimension as human beings. With the help of our emotions, we can learn to become aware of our ways of thinking. We also learn that every problem has a solution. Affective autonomy brings back the essential role of our emotional body in making us aware of what we are thinking, day in and day out. We gradually get rid of unrealistic or harmful beliefs. Affective autonomy is therefore a holistic and cognitive-affective approach that takes into account every dimension of a human being. We are not just a body or a mind… our thoughts create our reality. Either they create our well-being, or they create our suffering. The therapy in affective autonomy aims to develop the person’s affective logic and knowledge in order to become one’s best friend 24/7.

Couple’s counseling. It is very important to know that couple’s counseling in affective autonomy is always an individual process. Couples that enter the practice of affective autonomy together really get the most out of it. The objective is to allow the partners to understand themselves as they walk together in their path toward affective autonomy.

N.B. I use the word therapy in its generic sense, not as a synonym for psychotherapy. It should not be understood that my counselling services are psychotherapy services.

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