Marcome100If you love Twitter the way I do, you may not even remember life before the social networking phenomenon! How did you used to connect with people all over the world?

Could you imagine forging friendships in Seattle, London, Tokyo & Australia at the same time?  Who knew that I would do so in 2009?

I think of life as being infused with « Twitter Magic. »  I’ve been able to connect with friends and fans on a much more personal, direct way than ever before!  My relationships have taken on a deeper quality, no matter how many miles separate the two of us.  You might as well be sitting in my living room!

Forging magical bonds (image from pranav on Flickr)

Forging magical bonds (image from pranav on Flickr)

I am very curious to find out how Twitter has impacted your life?  Do you feel the same Twitter magic that I do?  Perhaps you have found a new voice on social or well-being issues.  Maybe you’ve started some meaningful conversations on other topics that are important to you.  Tell me how Twitter benefited you!

Who knew how much power you can find in 140 characters!

Please share your stories in the comment section below.  You may even want to tweet about it!

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