Have patience with yourself and redefine what is success!

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Have patience with yourself, be the change you want to see in the world. I’ve had quite an issue with perfectionism in my life and goal achieving. It’s important to have goals and to do things but doing things without being kind and loving and destroying one’s health is harmful. Just listen to the dying people on their death bed to realize that life is way more than doing anything or having more money to buy more things. Again, money is important but should not be detrimental to your emotional life! Years ago, I was expecting everything to be perfect all the time. The way I looked, the clean house, the perfect mate, kids, job, meal, the perfect music mix, etc… I even became sick for a few months because everything in my life was not the way I wanted it to be! What a destructive behavior! I’m in a long healing process where I’ve consciously decided to brainwash myself with this new motto: My path is love not perfection! Sucess became the constant evolution of my inner love and companionship with myself and others! Be good with yourself! Marcomé ♥

Heron photo by my hubby Belair

Heron photo by my hubby Belair

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2 Responses to “Have patience with yourself and redefine what is success!”
  1. Indeed, having patience with oneself cures many ills. Our self-imposing expectations take us nowhere but to the land of headaches, to say the least ;) Well, my dear Marcomé, to me you are just “perfect” the way you are. No need to try to be something you are not. Your path is your essence:
    “My path is love not perfection! Be good with yourself! Marcomé ♥”


    • marcome says:

      Merci Marisa! It’s only recently I understood that I would not have fun doing anything if I was not in a good ‘being’ state of mine. We human doing or beings? Society puts a huge pressure in some ways with the propaganda of being perfectly good looking, rich, powerful etc. Unfortunately, it brings more sufferings for most of us. Real happiness is Being one with the divine, recognizing the powerful abundance in all things in this life. Therefore, I’ll restate that very helping phrase for me “My path is love not perfection! Be good with yourself! Marcomé ♥” Tks for the reminder!

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