Eternal Voices of Love – Prayer Chant of Marcome

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Eternal Voices of Love is a Prayer Chant I created while I was dealing with strong body pain after a surgery. When they say music can heal your soul well it can also make you forget pain! I’ve tried all sorts of pain killers last year and nothing made it but singing! I was stunned, for the last thing I felt like doing was singing at the time. One day as I was lying on the floor, I started crying and ended up singing for 15 minutes. When I stood up, I happily realized my pain had subsided and it lasted for almost 4 hours! I kept on singing everyday and finally ended up creating all sorts of chants that I’m now putting out… it goes to say that the universe works in mysterious ways! Happy next hour to you, you are precious, be good to yourself! Marcomé

p.s. When you fall is despair, try letting go and do something out of the ordinary, your innate wisdom wants to emerge so let it be!

Preview Zen Voices Meditation Chants here!

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New Age Piano Music

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In the moment with Marcomé

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Marcomé Music Video of Memoria from Malcolm Cohan

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