Marcome’s Ethereal Voice

October 15, 2009 by  
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Over the past 12 years, my new age albums have been reviewed many times.  A few of my favorite descriptions include “ethereal voice,” “soothing music,” and a voice that “floats like a gossamer veil upon a warm breeze.”  Whether my work is classified as new age, ambient, new world, or pop world music, it transcends boundaries, perhaps to a category of its own.

You may already know me as a Canadian female vocalist, but did you know that I compose, produce and engineer the tracks you enjoy on my albums?  You may listen to relax, but I hope that the music will also energize and inspire you.  Come, listen to a few tracks, and read what others have had to say….

Marcome's Ethereal Voice

Marcome's Ethereal Voice

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