The healing power of music

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” Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” -Red Auerbach

You hardly need a news report to tell you about the healing power of music.  Many studies over the years have confirmed our own personal experiences:  music can positively affect our moods.  Like purposely turning your mouth into a smile, you can immediately feel happier, more inspired and even relaxed when you listen to your favorite songs.

Any music will do, but doctors and healing professionals often recommend ambient music therapy for therapeutic purposes.  Can you just imagine getting this advice?  “Listen to these two CDs, and then call me in the morning!

Discover the relaxing music of singer Marcome

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Discover New World Music artists

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Every new day given to us, is the ultimate time to consider a fresh start.  Maybe you are looking to improve your health, indulge a hobby, or even find new music to enjoy?  Let me help you with that last one!

Music for a New World is a call to humanity.  Consider how the World is Singing – when you go for a walk, enjoy blooming flowers, or stand at the edge of the ocean.


Music to celebrate a new world (image from pasotraspaso on Flickr)

Music to celebrate a new world (image from pasotraspaso on Flickr)

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Relax with New Age Music During the Season of Lights

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Its the holiday season once again.  Time for shopping, giving, parties… and stress?  Why not put on some new age music to help you relax and chill while you cook or wrap presents!  When there are so many things vying for your attention, my best advice is to attend to yourself first.  When you fly on an airplane, they always say to put on your own face mask first, before helping others.

Don’t get me wrong – I am not saying that the season of lights is an emergency!  Far from it!  But there are a lot of competing demands for our attention, and that can feel overwhelming at times.  This is a clear signal to you to unwind with a bath, some headphones and a good book!

(image from Muffet on Flickr)

It is definitely time to celebrate the season! (image from Muffet on Flickr)

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Why a New Age Music Blog?

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487v-marcoyeux2Welcome to Marcomé’s New Age Music Blog

You may be wondering why I felt the need to start a new age music blog. After all, isn’t new age music about, well, music? Aren’t blogs supposed to be about pets or fashion or politics? Read more