Marcomé mixing New Age music ¨Look at me playing with my toys’¨

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Marcomé mixing New Age Music

Marcomé mixing New Age Music

When I’m working in studio mixing new age music, I can literally spend tons of hours. It’s a deep passion or maybe I’m a bit crazy! I love sculpting sounds with what I consider my sound toys. I start mixing music at 10 in the morning and the first thing I know, it’s 2 in the afternoon! My son used to say that Mom was doing Treble and Bass work! This photo was taken by my friend and artist Racine at SNB Mastering in Montreal. A stunning million dollar music studio where I’ve had the chance to work with amazing artists. While taking that photo, I was mixing one of my biggest track ever. Nostrie Tiempo wich is the last song of River of Soul. A 16 minutes song with different musical styles from Classical chant to a new world music and finished in a kind of new age or ambient music mood, airy, ad lib!

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In the moment with Marcomé

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Marcomé Music Video of Memoria from Malcolm Cohan

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