Madonna – Artist Extraordinaire

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Madonna is a music and dance artist who needs no introduction. Seven letters, no last name, yet a powerful brand. Almost from the time she started her career in 1982 with her first single “Everybody” and her debut album Madonna, the talented singer and dancer rose to fame in the US first and only two years later worldwide after the release of her second album Like a Virgin.

Madonna at the TriBeCa Film Festival in 2008
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Michael Jackson – This Is It

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Any performer couldn’t help but get goose bumps when reading about Michael Jackson’s planned concert series This Is It. Just imagine planning such a large-scale concert, not knowing you wouldn’t even make it to the first concert date. Those who were involved with the singer for the concert must feel more than a bit eerie, thinking about their final moments with the star. Or did anyone guess? Was the singer in such ill health that an imminent death seemed plausible?                                                  Promotional banner: Read more

Björk – An Unmistakable Voice Coupled with Individuality

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There have been so many great musicians that have influenced me while finding my own unique style and voice, both in person and through their music, that it is difficult to pinpoint just a few. One artist, however, has stuck out from the beginning for her creativity, amazing voice, sounds and courage to go where no other artist has gone before. And for a female musician, that has meant not being scared of being labeled as strange, eccentric and even ugly. Read more

Annie Lennox, the Greatest White Soul Singer

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Listening to an old Eurythmics album of mine recently brought back a lot of treasured memories of the 80’s. Who could forget Annie Lennox’s deep and soothing voice in hit songs like “Here Comes the Rain Again”, “The Miracle of Love” and “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)”?

Annie Lennox in concert with Eurythmics in 1986

Annie Lennox in concert 1986

Photo: Helge Øverås

Few are aware that Eurythmics was Annie Lennox’s second band, admittedly way more successful than The Tourists, her first collaboration with Dave Stewart, founded in 1977. Bang at the start of the 80’s, the duo formed Eurythmics, a band prominently featuring the synthesizer alongside Lennox’s distinctive voice. Read more

Sade’s Soldier of Love

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For any singer and songwriter, as important as composing and bringing that inner song out into the world is finding the inspiration to do so. Readers of my blog will know that nature is often the source that I turn to but as important is staying in touch with works of colleagues and fellow artists. There are few who inspire with their music as much as with their personal stories but Sade is one of them.

I was hooked ever since I heard her first album Diamond Life with that breakthrough song “Smooth Operator.” More albums and other favorites like “The Sweetest Taboo,” “Love Is Stronger Than Pride,” “By Your Side” and of course “No Ordinary Love” followed. One of the proudest moments in my career as a singer was when my voice and style was compared to that of Sade, a veteran of the music industry!
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