Marcomé Voices & Music


Marcomé has carved out a career both as a well-respected sound engineer and a musical artist. A super songstress whose mostly wordless vocals display anew why the human voice is that most incredible and flexible of all instruments. Her signature is a blend of relaxing vocal New Age and pop Music.

While the artist’s music draws comparisons to contemporaries like Enya and Lisa Gerrard, Marcomé’s music is still resolutely her own. One key element in her music comes from her unique “wordpainting,” or invented  languages. Fusing together sounds from all across the globe, from jazzy guitar riffs, tribal beats, and airy keyboards, the artist uses her voice as a true instrument, creating textures that provide rich color to the soundscape, giving it life.

Marcomé layers sound upon sound in order to open wide the doors to a brand new world to her listeners. Hers is a world of beauty that embraces each and every listener with a myriad of textures and sounds, bringing health, healing, and peace.