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Marcomé Music Video of Memoria from Malcolm Cohan

The Inspiration section of the blog is for me a special place to share thoughts and feelings about life. I wish to positively influence you to treat yourself better! I love reading books abut spirituality and profound thinkers. Without being pretentious, my deep desire is to share what I discover along my own quest for a better life.

I sincerely hope you will find something good for you here…

With love,


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Thanks for your comments. Marcomé


21 Responses to “In the moment with Marcomé”
  1. Nigel Savge says:

    Hi Marcome

    Thank you for all your hard work in setting up this blog and giving us a chance to write about our feelings and reactions to your music, music and inspiration in a wider context.

    For me I find inspiration in all works of Art, written, visual and music. However I find there is a common centre that I connect to in all works and that is empathy.

    For me an important question is what is empathy? The answer may be that empathy is a unique quality for each being. The question can be considered nonsensical in that one may as well ask, what is love? Or for that matter what is music?

    Is music the score, the physical sound wave vibrations, the digital recording?

    All these things are essential for music, but music is much more, the emotional response of the listener for example.

    In my personal experience empathy has become a sixth sense a way to perceive higher aspects of life.

    I find your compositions to be highly emphatic, they trigger a powerful emphatic response, to listen to your music for me is like reading Victor Hugo’s Le Miserable an intensely emotional and liberating experience that connects me at once to higher ethical principles that surely exist, and reconciles me with a sense of my own inner dignity as a human.

    Music with such a strong emphatic centre such as yours is an inspiration to me

    Mathematics has unlocked the deepest secrets of the universe yet man stands poised to reap destruction simply because man has not yet discovered how to live. Perhaps it is a way of knowing through empathy that will show the possibility of life.

    • marcome says:

      Thanks very much Nigel, you are like an angel to me! You are a wonderful writer and a scientific poet! I love reading your letters, they remind me of the importance of integrity and love in one’s life. All my blessings to you. Marcomé xx

      • Nigel Savge says:

        Thankyou for responding. I would just like to say how much I hope this blog comes alive with stories of personal inspiration. We all have challenges to overcome and it is inspiration that gives us the hope and energy to persevere.

  2. Hi Marcome!

    Your music is beautiful, haunting and ethereal! We wish you much success with your career.

    Florida, USA

  3. Nigel says:

    Dear Marcomé,
    My richest greetings to you my wonderful multilingual
    deeply philosophical musical genius…


  4. Hanz says:

    Best wishes to you too, sweetheart.

    Kiss for you

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  5. J. Spain says:

    My wife and I love your entire album, Seven Seas. I purchased several copies for friends back in the late 1990s, as gifts. Such warm memories!

    “Yeku” is my favorite track from you, and I’ve enjoyed your new material as well.

    Whenever new age music comes up in a conversation, I always mention your music along with George Winston, David Arkenstone, Enya, and Medwyn Goodall. All of you are fantastic! :-)

    Stay warm!

    New Jersey

  6. christian says:

    Merci pour m’avoir envoyé cette belle carte de noel. Je suis heureux que ta musique puisse servir le genre healing music. Du moins quelqu’un s’est donné la peine de monter un video et d’inclure memoria.

    • clanctot says:

      I am glad that your blog has the ability to post threaded comments.


      • Nigel Savge says:

        Hi Christian

        I have listened to some of your music particularly “Silver Flute” and I found it to be beautiful. Thankyou for making your recordings so assessable. I am glad to find some one putting an effort into a modern romantic genre

        • clanctot says:

          Hi Nigel
          Thanks for taking the time to listen to my music and of course for finding it beautiful.
          As for music genre, I like the romantic term. Maybe it is what I am. On certain bed of New age music. Influence of our contemporary world.


          • Nigel Savge says:

            Hi Christian
            Thankyou for your response, I would like to share with you a recent idea I had about what I so loosely term “Romanticism”. There are many expressive words used to describe music but one that relates for me anyway to music that has a romantic “feel” is charisma. It has been an interesting thought journey, what is charismatic music? Visually to me it is like mist, music that has this ability to penetrate your “environment” in a very subtle and beautiful way. Just as mist will fill a valley. However you must be careful not to loose your way in all the wonderment. Mist can slowly fill the ambience, and while you are fascinated with the swirling patterns, before you know it you blinded, groping and stumbling, lost in emotion.

      • Marcomé says:

        It’s a cool new feature of wordpress 2.7 I think. I like it too!
        Take care and thanks for writing.
        Have a great new week,

        Please come back to my new age music world!

  7. Alexandro says:


    Tienes previstas nuevas producciones?.

    Sería abuso de mi parte pedirte que en alguna futura música tuya

    incluyas el sonido de campanas lejanas?.

    Un comentario: es muy sensual la canción YEKU cuando la cantas en francés.

    Otra vez: Gracias!

    Chau, hasta pronto!


  8. Andrew says:

    I have just listened to your music and would like to congratulate you on such
    fine work with so much feeling as I like the music very much.

    Kindest regards from USA

  9. Nigel Savage says:

    Marcomé has developed a new form of discourse in adult contemporary or New Age music.
    With her latest Arabica series of recordings Marcomé once again shows the depth both her skills as a recording artist, composer and arranger. On a first listening one hears a well formed recording with virtuosity in many forms both rhythmic and melodic.

    As we have all come to expect the production values are outstanding.

    This however is only the surface of this musical poem. I will try here to give an understanding of my appreciation of the philosophical challenge Marcomé is presenting to us in this latest offering of her art.

    There can be a darker side to the role of music in both the process of the creation of norms as both the being and society matures.

    Consider how European culture by identifying with the classical Greek model forgets its own hetrogenous multicultural origins.

    Reflect on the dominance of ancient Greek culture and the modal structure of its music as Europe emerged from its pre-history.

    Reflect on how western music has been slow to absorb the tonal structures of the East.

    Consider now how we are now in what can be described as a crisis of global interdependency.

    Reflect on the possible outcomes of how society will deal with the problems of “otherness” and “boundaries”. Remember the tragedy of how these issues have been dealt with historically.

    In her song “Dawns Spirit” we heard a beginning, a transition, as Marcome expressed forms independent of the modal centers of the tonal structure she sings in.

    In Arabica we witness an artist reaching out to “realms of the other”. We hear and artist open to creative intervention and definition. There is no polarity in this music.

    Its fruits will be a new dimension to our shared social frame.

    Listen to this music and grow in your humanity.

  10. Nigel Savage says:

    I want to thank you for your wonderful songs like “Dawns Spirit”.

    I also want to thank you for your wonderful innovative and approach to music.

    You use your voice as an instrument in new and original way. Y

    ou carry on and extend so many important traditions in your music it is wonderful and inspiring to many not least artists.

    When I here the original way you sing I think of singers like Mini Ripperton (Loving You) and Nina Simone, who also like you broke new ground in using their voice as an instrument.

    I want to thank you for the important values you express in your multimedia presentations. Artists like you fill me with hope for a better world.

    Finally I want to thank you for introducing me to the philosopher E. Hubbard.

    Thank you Marcome.

  11. Hans Peter Gunther says:


    Your music is a breath of fresh air. I first heard “Yeku” on net radio, listed under New-Age titles. Your sounds are frequently aired by Lucky-777 internet radio. Thanks and keep on doing what you do best.

    Best regards,

    -Hans Peter Gunther
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  12. Manon says:

    Bonjour Marcomé,

    Ta musique et tes chansons sont inspirantes dès la première écoute. À travers tes chansons, tu dégage la beauté de la vie.



  13. Mélanie B says:

    Merci Marcomé pour ta super musique. J’ai écouté toute la fin de semaine et j’adore et mes amis aussi. Oublie pas de me le dire quand tu feras tes spectacles ok?

  14. Eleen says:

    My friend sent me your clip and I loved it so much I had to have it. Thank you for creating such uplifting and soothing music. People like you are very instrumental to the shifts we are creating at this time.

    Cap Breton, Nova Scotia

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