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Looking for some inspiring music to lift your spirits?  If you haven’t discovered the genre – trust me – you could fall in love with New World Music faster than cupid can draw back his bow.

Relaxing sounds and inspiration are within reach.  These days, it doesn’t take much to download new musical discoveries from the Internet within minutes.  But New World Music can be found in traditional record stores, at online music stores and more.

Listening to world music is a unique way to travel to distant lands.  Stamp your passport, close your eyes and feel the stress of your reality melt away….

Fall in love with New Age Music! (image from alykat on Flickr)

Fall in love with New Age Music! (image from alykat on Flickr)

World music can be a conduit to take you on travels you might not have imagined.  Spiritual, soothing music originating in unique cultures can also be a tool for self-discovery. Perhaps you did not know that you love certain instruments, if you have never heard them played before!

You can find a new world music sound on my albums.  When I write, perform and produce my releases, you’ll hear a combination of acoustic, percussive and wind instruments with airy vocals.  Drawing on cultures and sounds from every corner of the earth, I love to create soothing music that may be more more deeply textured than New Age or Ambient.

World music could also be said to be in the eyes (or ears) of its beholder.  It can include sounds that emanate from far-away; those that invoke a global consciousness… or both.

I love this Earth Song from Michael Jackson, for World Environment Day:

Exploring world music can be an experience as broad as you wish.  Are you a fan of percussive instruments?  There is a sound for you.  Love hearing chants?  You can definitely find music to match your tastes.  Expanding your horizons through song is easier than packing a suitcase… and just about as soul-filling.

You will love new world music (image from nattu on Flickr)

You will love new world music (image from nattu on Flickr)

Think about the feelings that arise when you view photographs of a foreign location, or even taking a look at your friend’s snapshots from a recent vacation.  Viewing the sights, you can imagine being there to experience it firsthand.  Now, put your visual perceptions aside.  Tap into your aural senses by hearing music inspired by cultures and countries around the world.  Perhaps you can even imagine the smells of incense or global cuisine.  Enrich the experience by recognizing sight, smell, sound and touch!

The world is filled with love whereever you look (image from geopungo on Flickr)

The world is filled with love whereever you look (image from geopungo on Flickr)

World music can also be celebrated and enjoyed through other mediums.  Dance, for example!  This inspiring music video showcases the amazing talents of the late Patrick Swayze and his wife at the World Music Awards in 1994.

Can there be any truer expression of love than this?

Love – like beauty – is in the eye of the beholder.  Why not open your eyes and ears and discover new passions through world music?  Love can show you the way….

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