Animals Having a Good Time

by | May 5, 2009 | 0 comments

Learn from animals how to relax !

Some of the most beautiful thing in life is to see the joy around. To see how people enjoy themselves and how good all these things can bring. But have you ever thought about animals? They all deserve love and when they get it, it’s so inspiring to just look at them. Check out these critters and let us know if anything changed for you today.

polar-bear-having-a-good-timeCan anyone wake me up when it’s time for dinner? Because I could really use a quick nap …

laughing-pandaAhahahaha, look at the dumb, fat polar bear in the pool ….

happy-hiposHey gorgeous, do you need a real man in your life?

happy-pigSo you thought pigs are not having fun? Coz I just had a mud bath, and boy it feels great!

happy-dogI’m in need of help! Is there ANYONE in here who’s an expert on belly scratching?

Happy Moose.Ehhh!!! You think you’re smart? Then I’m better looking than you. Ha!!!!

happy-horseNow let me tell you something kid … I do have a sense of humor, you know?

happy-sheep-familyMommy, when I grow up I wanna have my own grasslands …

happy-sealHey, listen! Get out of sun for me please? I’m trying to get a perfect tan in here …

small-dog-searchingIf that tasty bone is not in here, I swear I give up.

happy-hippoNo! I don’t need a dentist. Here, take a look for yourself.

happy-orangutanGood evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to our show. I will be your host for tonight.

happy-tigerWonder what I should have for dinner today!

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