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Welcome to my blog! I’m Marcomé pronounced, “Mar-Ko-May.” We’ve been debating whether the genre in which my melodies fit is “new age,” or “ambient.”  Feel free to weigh in with your vote!  But perhaps you are a new fan.  Want to learn more about my background and musical training?  Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Discover Marcome's Music

Discover Marcome’s Music

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Take a Musical Journey

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Music and memory are closely intertwined.  You can take a musical journey just by putting in a selected CD or pressing play on an MP3 file.  I like to think of it as the one, true way that humans can engage in time travel!

Take a musical journey

Take a musical journey

Like taste and smell, sound – particularly music – can help you access memories.  Read more

New Age or Ambient Music?

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I asked this question in a previous blog post: should my music be classified as new age or ambient?  New age music has certain connotations that may not be preconceptions when listeners are offered the opportunity to listen to “ambient music,” instead.

Relax with new age or ambient music

Relax with new age or ambient music

Yes, its true that my home site,, notes that I have been reviewed as among the best female New Age singers in the world.  But does my music fit neatly in the music genre?  Read more

New Age Music for Health

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Have you considered New Age music for health? Recent studies have shown a positive impact of both yoga and meditation on the health of practitioners. Putting on a restful New Age music CD while you practice may even improve your experience.

New Age Music for Health (image courtesy of judepics' photostream on Flickr)

New Age Music for Health (image courtesy of judepics’ photostream on Flickr)

You may be wondering how this may occur? Read more

Music Soothes the Soul

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Its true: music soothes the soul!  Whether you are a musician, or just a grateful listener, your day can be improved by simply listening to your favorite musics.  In fact, as a singer, I gain immense satisfaction just by losing myself in a song.

Marcome's son, Simon

Marcome's son, Simon

If you find the day heavy, lighten up with some music.  Pick your favorite artist or genre, and then crank it up!  The endorphins will start flowing and within a few minutes, you’ll find yourself humming along, probably even smiling! Read more