Twitter Tips for Social Networking Success

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As you know, I love Twitter! The site has been a great tool to use for social networking success. Perhaps the best thing about Twitter (from my perspective) is the fact that you can meet people easily and develop true relationships with people from all over the world.  I celebrated this wonderful feature in my recent “Twitter Me Some Love” song!


Even though I have many, many friends on Twitter, it didn’t happen overnight.  I had to learn some key Twitter tips to help me achieve my goals and meet some truly wonderful people.

Follow me now… I’d love to share the secrets to my Twitter success!

Follow Me... to Twitter success

Follow Me... to Twitter success

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Marketing for Musicians: Sell What you Love

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Do you love to sing?  Think you could sell a few albums?  Trust me, its not the easiest job in the world, but you know the saying:  “Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life!”

For me, singing and producing albums is the fun part.  Marketing the music takes some effort, but with my plan and supportive people to help me, its also an enjoyable task.

Get on the right path for your music marketing!

Get on the right path for your music marketing!

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I Twitter you some love and gratitude!

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-11I simply must say thank you to all my wonderful friends and fans – both old and new. Since 2009, I have been touched deeply by your kindness and amiability ! You rejuvenated my hope in humanity if I might say… Twitter me some Love could be resumed by “Love the self like others” and also “Love and do what you want” quotes from the well known Jesus and St-Augustine! I’m sending you hopeful thoughts and prayers, please, be good to yourself, you deserve the best! Marcomé ♥


“Twitter Me Some Love can be seen as a postmodern song that reflects the integration of social media and social networking into our lives. The video features various icons from around the world, from where one could possibly receive love. In times of recession, wars and earthquakes, Twitter Me Some Love is refreshingly pleasant and playful.”


Twitter Me Some Love!

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Fall in Love with New World Music

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Looking for some inspiring music to lift your spirits?  If you haven’t discovered the genre – trust me – you could fall in love with New World Music faster than cupid can draw back his bow.

Relaxing sounds and inspiration are within reach.  These days, it doesn’t take much to download new musical discoveries from the Internet within minutes.  But New World Music can be found in traditional record stores, at online music stores and more.

Listening to world music is a unique way to travel to distant lands.  Stamp your passport, close your eyes and feel the stress of your reality melt away….

Fall in love with New Age Music! (image from alykat on Flickr)

Fall in love with New Age Music! (image from alykat on Flickr)

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Marcomé’s Ambient and Dance Music iMix

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Ambient and Dance Music iMix

Click image to preview Marcome's Ambient and Dance Music iMix on iTunes

I feel alive when I dance!  What better way to get your body moving than to put on some exciting, upbeat music?  When its time to clean house or get outside for some exercise, I love listening to the selections on my ambient and dance music iMix.

Its easy to be your own record producer at iTunes!  Simply select your favorite artists or the songs you love to hear time and again, then pull them together for your personal iMix.  I’ve created seven iMixes – so far – that range from new age music to ambient, chill and dance tunes.

In this Ambient and Dance Music iMix, you’ll find 23 songs from Madonna to Fat Boy Slim!  If you’ve ever wondered what’s playing in a singer songwriter’s iPod… take a peek here.  If you love it, you can download a copy for yourself!

Its my favorite selection of electronic, dance and ambient musics.

Go move! Marcomé ♥

Listen to Marcomé’s Ambient and Dance Music iMix

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